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About Us

VendorBazaar is the Corporate Vendor Directory - Marketplace for Vendors! We are in to Corporate Vendor Services - where-in we connect top corporates with professionally verified top in class vendors from anywhere. We are trying to manage disruption by effectively managing corporate supply chain without any middle man and prepare all players to new-normal. With few easy steps a vendor is able to register with us and will be able to make a professional business profile. A corporate user on the other hand is able to fill an RFP form and get matching vendors in simple steps and get to search our vendor directory and find required vendor professionals easily.

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VendorBazaar - Our Ideals


Our Vision is to make it easy to do business by providing top of it's kind technology platform where-in corporates and it's vendor community together can collaborate to develop an eco system for future growth.


Our mission is to provide a hassle free easy to use platform for corporates to find and nurture their vendor community, that can be leveraged for exponential savings and growth. 

VendorBazaar - Values & Beliefs

Do The Right Thing

We believe in doing things right, connecting right vendors with right corporates


We shall be honest with ourselves, our clients, vendors and to our employees


We shall keep a transparent approach, shall strive to provide transparent process and procedures.


Everything starts from respect. We take it forward to everyone involved. 


We shall aim to reach higher! By setting higher goals and aims to achieve them.

Learn & Unlearn

We strive to learn and adapt to the changing requirements of all our business partners

Features Our Registered Gold / Silver Vendors Get

Top Class Listing

With few clicks, make your business listings with us, so you are found when top corporates are searching vendors like you.

Quick Chat

We have an inbuilt tool for communication within our platform. A quick and easy way of connecting with preceptive clients. .


Be recognised by having the premium listing with us. We provide badges of recognition, that you could share with your clients.

Articles & Blogs

Business blogs and business articles on product and services is an another way of reaching to more perspective clients

QR Code 

As soon as you sign up, you will get a QR code and member badge that you can find in your accounts page ( applicable for Gold and Silver listings).

Geo Location

With our top of it's kind technology you can mark your location to google map so accurately as it can be. 

Multiple Category

If you are a vendor with multiple category of services being provided, we can help to get all your categories or location listed.

Reviews & Replies

Earn higher ranks with better reviews! Our platform can get you instant reviews and replies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RFP/RFQ (Request for Proposal/Request for Quote) & how it works ?

A request for proposal/request for quote (RFP/RFQ) is a document that solicits vendor proposal, often made through a bidding process, by an Organization or Company interested in procurement of a material/commodity, service, or asset, to potential suppliers/Vendors to submit business proposals. Most of the professional Organization follow this process to encourage a variety of alternative proposals that might be considered to procure material or services.

What is BoQ (Bill of Quantity)? And how does this work ?

The Bill of Quantities (BoQ) is a detailed document prepared by the cost consultant/Project Manager that provides procurement specific measured quantities, Brand requirements and specifications of the material intended to procure. Whereas in the case of Service Procurements like manpower deployment or any other services, the detailed service level deliverables are listed in the document. This BoQ document is attached as part of RFP/RFQ & Vendors fill the BoQ and submit their proposal/quote.

What happens once RFP is submitted?

The various process involved in RFP process provided below in stepwise ;

  • Step 1: When there is a requirement of procurement of any material or service, Companies prepare a detailed document with the requirement usually called as BoQ. This BoQ documents contains the material that they are intend to procure with specifications, brand, quantity, expected delivery lead time etc., in the case of service procurement, they would specify service level expectations & deliverables. 
  • Step 2: The above document(RFP) is sent to potential vendors to get the competitive quotes/proposal. 
  • Step 3: Once the vendor responds to RFP by submitting the filled BoQs with all the information that required by the Company. The Company will compare the competitive quotes/proposal & shortlist the prospective vendor(s) based on certain internal procurement parameters & shortlist 3 or 4 vendors. 
  • Step 4: These 3 or 4 vendors are called for a discussion/clarifications either in person or through a virtual meeting to get more clarity & further negotiate on the prices quoted. 
  • Step 5 : Company to select any one of the 4 vendors & issue Purchase Order (PO) to supply material or to provide service whichever the case may be.

How Many Vendor Matches Do We Get for One RFP

It depends on the material & its quantity.  Whereas in the case of service procurement also depends on the volume. Typically it takes minimum 1 week or maximum 2 weeks.

Why should I submit RFP or BoQ?

The RFP or BoQ process provides a mechanism for organizations to acquire better products and services for their procurement solutions than they might otherwise be able to provide from internally developed procurement solutions. This process also provides a wide range of options in terms of material or service procurement.

How much time it takes to get matching Vendors after submitting RFP?

It depends on the material & its quantity. Whereas in the case of service procurement also depends on the volume. Typically it takes minimum 1 week or maximum 2 weeks.

How many Vendors we get for one RFP?

Companies can specify the number of vendors required in this procurement process. Otherwise by default minimum 4 or maximum 6 vendors will respond to any RFP.

Do we submit different RFP per city?

No, there is no separate RFP required for each city. As part of the RFP document, cities can be listed with qualities to be delivered.