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We Act As A Bridge Between Corporates & Vendors

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VendorBazaar serves the niche corporate segment where your one order or one right vendor could be enough to meet your yearly goals as a business.


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How You May Benefit By Advertising With Us!

We are the bridge between the top level vendors and corporates. 

Being visible in such a niche platform in itself brings great ROI


As a vendor this could be your best bet to being seen. Your visibility to the niche segment increases manyfold.


As a corporate you get to attract the best vendors for small to big project requirements.

Here Are Some Of The Ways You Could Advertise In VendorBazaar

Header Banner Home Page

Comes right next to our website logo, on the right side.

Below Menu Home Page

Most visible right below the menu bar of the website.

Footer Banner All Pages

Right above the footer in home page and all other pages 

Side Bar Inside Pages

Applies in all pages of the website, either left side or right side.

Side Bar Inside Pages

Visible in select category pages of choice where you want to be seen

Custom Packages

Site wide advert, combination of header, side bar or footer