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Choosing A Wrong Vendor Pro's From Outside Can Ruin Your Events

On Starting Your Own Event Management Business, the staff at  VendorBazaar explain how you can get started in the event management industry, whether you want to work part- or full-time planning anything from a first-birthday party, wedding to political fundraisers and product launches or environment related events. 

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At the heart of a successful event manager’s business is a team of reliable vendors. It can’t be overstated: Your events will be marred by even one bad vendor. Just as a bad tomato ruins the lot, one bad vendor may leave a bad image in your client’s mind of the event as a whole. Perhaps the florist arrives with wilted and faded centerpiece. Or the singer you hired sounds more like a howling dog than a professional songstress. It’s hard to erase these images from the minds of your client and the attendees. To find top-rate vendors, you must do your due diligence.

The types of vendors you'll need to hire for events include, but not limited to:

  • Art director: handles design, computer imaging, etc.
  • Caterer/bartender: serves food and beverages
  • Calligrapher: handles lettering on invitations and signage
  • Decorator: provides décor
  • Props rentals: provides props
  • Stage decorators: prepares the stage
  • Lighting specialists: provides special lighting
  • Florist: provides floral arrangements
  • Graphic artist: designs and executes event posters or invitations
  • Photographer/videographer: photographs, records and preserves the event
  • Performer: provides entertainment
  • Transportation/parking personnel: drives and parks vehicles

Even if a mistake is a vendor’s fault, the mishap will reflect on you because you’re planning and managing the event. That’s what makes researching vendors so important.  “Choosing vendors means knowing themand trusting them,”.  As with most event planners, they makes their choices with long-term relationships in mind. Some event planners even get business come to their way through vendors who know them.

The success of the event planning depends on the ability of the event planners to get the right vendors at right time for the event. “I can pull in the best vendors from across the area,” will be basis of success of any event

When it comes to finding the best vendors, the best idea, successful event planners say, is to ask questions and listen carefully to the answers. Ask other event planners and clients about their experiences with vendors. The names of the best—and worst—vendors will be mentioned again and again. Keep a list of both those that are recommended and those with tarnished reputations. With these lists in hand, start researching the vendors on your A-list, recording the following information

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Here at VendorBazzar online vendor directory, we list verified vendors by

  • Vendor name, address and contact information
  • Services offered
  • Products supplied
  • Area of service
  • Prices
  • Lead times required
  • Payment policy
  • Refund policy
  • Discounts offered
  • Specialty items/services
  • Insurance coverage
  • Types of licenses and permits held
  • Plus we have a site review, which makes the highest reviewed vendors stand out from the crowd

VendorBazaar - vendor directory listings are extremely important, because it can save you hours of research time down the road. By having all this information right at your fingertips, online, accessible in mobile, tabs or desktop, you’ll be able to conduct your Finding A Pro-Vendor  in searches more effectively, at your convenience. Keep building your Pro-venendor bookmarks as each new event comes along.

Before you lease a vendor for the first time, find out all you can about the company’s records from our popular vendor directory listings. Take a look at reviews. Ask for letters of reference, too if you want more information. Or ask if you may attend an event at which the vendor is imparting a provider. Once you're happy, ensure you've got a file indicating what the company will do to your occasion. 

Vendor proposals should consist of the following factors:

  • Complete description of service
  • Description of equipment vendor will provide
  • Listing of additional services vendor will provide, if any
  • Description of costs and payment terms
  • Scheduling information
  • Proof of insurance, bonding, and other risk-management practices
  • List of vendor requirements (water, electricity, etc.)

Housewife searching Pro-Vendors - VendorBazaar directory

In addition, make sure these details all appear in the vendor agreement.

VendorBazzar’s unique pro-vendor bookmarks also makes it easy to bookmark all the vendors that you have shortlisted for the event. VendorBookmarks also gives a fair idea or “Plan B” based on which are the vendors who got highest bookmarking in our sites. Plan B in the sense, if any vendors fails to turn up, or showing signs of lack of interest, then quickly you can go to vendorbazzar vendor service bookmarking’s and see the highest bookmarked and reviewed vendor and contact them to do the job.

Negotiating with Vendors

There are some factors on which you may negotiate whilst hiring vendor companies, particularly as your experience and popularity develop. As a preferred rule, more often you've worked with a vendor, the greater leeway you may reasonably anticipate them to accord you. Consider asking about the following:

Payment terms. Get your required deposit as little as possible. Also, ask about a prepayment (i.E., paying in complete earlier than the event) discount etc.

Complimentary sample: (with meals-tasting, for example). This factor is especially critical either while hiring a supplier unknown to you or while you're requesting some­ things outside the vendor’s ordinary style of service.

Complimentary more. When you provide a variety of business for vendors, they will be persuaded to throw in something at no rate. For instance, a florist who provides centrepieces and other flower arrangements for a large event may provide a free bouquet for the guest of honour.